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Snow Removal FAQ

Does Core 3 handle my snow removal?

Core 3 does not handle all of the snow removal for all of the properties we manage.  Depending on where you live, the snow removal process will differ.  This is due to us managing properties for other owners and for certain rules/regulations.

  • Apartments
    • Based on some owners’ choices, another vendor may handle your snow removal and not us. 
  • Single Family Homes
    • Single family homes are in charge of their own snow removal.


What does snow removal include?

  • In preparation for the snow, we may treat areas to help the removal process
  • If we handle your snow removal, if the snow is under 2 inches it will not be plowed (this is common amongst most snow vendors)
  • Depending on where you live, you may or may not have salting included with the snow removal
  • We work overtime and long hours to constantly be plowing.


Do you work with the City on their plowing?

No.  The snow removal process is very complicated and it would be impossible for the City to work with every vendor.  This means, once we are finished plowing, the city may come and plow over what we have done causing people to be trapped.  We have no control over the city unfortunately.


Why can’t you plow right when I call?

Every snow situation is different and we have to prepare for that.  We must adhere to a carefully laid out system for clearing the driveways/parking lots. If we allowed our plows to be diverted each time a special request was made, our system would be destroyed and it would take far longer to get all the snow cleared. To keep our snow removal operations as effective and efficient as possible, plows are not permitted to deviate from their assigned routes.  FYI – Our routes are on rotate for each snow so the order of the properties change each time.


Can you tell me exactly when my parking lot will be plowed?

As weather conditions change we often must alter our snow-fighting strategy in the midst of the snow removal operations in order to control drifting snow, ice or other special problems. We cannot give you an estimate of when it will be cleared due to ever-changing weather conditions.


Why didn’t you plow next to my car?

When cars are in the streets/parking lots, we can not get within 2-3 feet of them due to safety/insurance reasons.  Since we can not move the cars, we have to plow around them and so snow will be piled due to the lack of locations we can put it.


Why do you sometimes salt instead of plow, or plow instead of salt?

Different types of storms require the use of different snow-fighting techniques. The decision whether to salt or plow depends upon the expected weather conditions. For example, if the temperature is below 20 degrees and not expected to rise, salt will not be effective. But if the sun is shining and the temperature is 20 degrees or more and expected to remain steady or to rise, then salt would be more effective. The decision whether to plow or salt is made with great consideration and based on the latest weather information available.


During severe weather conditions we advise limiting your travel or staying off the roads entirely if possible. Listen to television and radio bulletins about road conditions. Remember that we are doing our best to get to you as soon as possible. Please understand that we care about our properties and tenants and we work around the clock (literally) to remove as much as quickly as possible.

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