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Holiday Shopping on a Budget

Holiday Shopping on a Budget
November 25, 2019 @ 3:25 pm by Kara Cotner

Either you dread it or you love it, but Christmas is here, which means it’s time for gift buying and giving. Here are some tips to keep your budget in line and not make you Scrooge!  


1.   Make a list of the people you plan on buying gifts for, and don’t be afraid to trim that list! If you have to, only buy for immediate family and maybe a few friends. Many people overspend on Christmas gifts, and it’s easy to feel guilty when it comes to holiday spending, especially when you receive that unexpected (but welcomed and appreciated) gift, and if that does happen, then consider a homemade gift, there are awesome and inexpensive ideas on Pinterest. Remember it’s the thought that counts…not the price tag.  


2.   When you are shopping, pay in cash if possible. This will reduce the amount of credit card debt, and let’s face it, when you use a credit card it’s easy to overspend and not stay on budget.  


3.   Shop at discount stores! A few of my favorites are TJ Maxx, Tuesday Morning, because you can always find something for everyone, whether it’s a nice candle for Grandma or some sexy cologne for that man in your life, LOL! 


4.   Check newspaper ads, TV ads, radio ads, even social media ads for those special deals and offers. Don’t be afraid to use a good old-fashioned coupon.  


5.   Consider doing combined gifts. For instance, I am the youngest of 4 kids, so each year my siblings and I get together and give my Mom and Dad one big gift. This definitely helps to stay on budget.  


6.   Last but not least, shop alone. I personally love this, because having a shopping partner can cause you to overspend. How many of us have heard “Oh this would look great on you, and it’s on sale” or “Oh, you definitely need this in your life” well, I tend to give in to that and then boom..I’m over budget. Plus, when you shop alone it can be less stressful…well besides the crowded malls.  


I hope you have enjoyed these few tips to sleigh your shopping this year! Give yourself the gift of starting off the new year with more money in your pocket! Happy Holidays!  

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