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How to Get Along with Your Roomates

How to Get Along with Your Roomates
September 11, 2019 @ 4:10 pm by Alex Wilder

Part of the experience whilst attending a college is living with friends, strangers, classmates, in short...a roommate. Having a roommate can mean sharing a vast amount of items within your apartment, such as a bathroom, kitchen essentials, television, and much more. Many will tell you that even living with your closest friend can bring the most trying challenges. Whether your college roommate is someone you are close with or a complete stranger, taking the right steps towards a healthy living space is important. 


Here are a few tips to start you off in the right direction:


Get to Know Your Roommate

Even though the individual you’re living with may be a life-long friend or someone you are familiar with it is important to spend some time together before you begin to live with each other so you adjust to each others’ lifestyle habits. If this individual is a complete stranger then this is all the more important, show interest in who your roommate is and a little bit about where they are coming from. Although you might not think you will be the best of friends it is important to still be respectful and on talking terms with one another. 


Communicate Clearly

Often times, arising issues are inevitable for roommates and living in perfect harmony together takes work. However, how you handle these issues with your roommate is important. Be sure to be clear and upfront with one another, as opposed to tip-toeing around issues and talking behind one another’s back...nothing will get resolved that way. Just make sure to be clear in your communication with one another, in order to express all the right terms. 


Establish Boundaries/Rules

You may be a night owl and prefer to leave the television on while listening to music to finish your studies up while your roommate may be an early bird who prefers to get up and at em’. These are fields you need to discuss before they become issues that can create tensions. Set rules on when lights need to be out, when guests are allowed over, who is taking the trash out, when you would like the television, cleanliness, etc. Although you may feel uncomfortable addressing these topics head on, you might regret if you don’t. 


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