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Core 3 helps protect the value of your investment with attentive apartment and property maintenance. We will address your apartment’s maintenance needs on a continual basis, so we can prevent problems from occurring.



Repairs, maintenance, cleaning, lawncare and more—we manage it all with cost-effective and timely service.

To give you prompt, cost-effective maintenance, we have in-house maintenance technicians on our Core 3 staff. They are experienced, trained professionals who can respond quickly to requests. Core 3 also has full time staff dedicated to lawn care and snow removal. We want to keep your properties looking better than the rest and could do so by handling these items directly.

When additional maintenance assistance is needed, your property will benefit from the relationships we have developed with a wide range of vendors and maintenance personnel. They work with us to provide prompt, professional service at very competitive rates.


More About Our Maintenance Services:

Core 3 provides for a 24 hour per day, 7 days per week emergency maintenance hotline. This assures that your property is always in touch with management and maintenance staff.


If, during your lease, something breaks due to normal wear and tear that was part of your apartment space before you moved in (plumbing fixtures, major appliances), the necessary repairs will most likely be covered as part of your lease agreement and should be fixed by your apartment community maintenance team at no charge to you, the resident. This could include something as small as a clogged drain to something as dramatic as a foam-spewing dishwasher.


If the damage was the result of negligence or an accident, our maintenance will likely fix the broken item, but will also charge the resident or take the fee out of your security deposit. From time to time, our apartment maintenance team may perform regular maintenance or make upgrades to apartment fixtures or appliances. In these cases, the resident should be notified in advance when the maintenance or upgrade will take place.


If something is broken in your apartment, always ask apartment maintenance services before trying to fix the problem yourself. Attempting to fix the issue might only make it worse and could even violate the regulations of your lease agreement. When in doubt, it is better to call maintenance services first to help you take care of apartment issues.


Because problems rarely go away on their own, do contact apartment building maintenance as soon as an issue arises in your apartment home. If you wait for a problem to get worse, you could be liable for more damage done to your apartment. Be proactive and let a service professional make the right call for the situation.


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