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Bruce is a life-long resident of the Twin Cities and brings over 25 years of experience within the Lumber & Building Material industry.  Bruce has been active in the Bloomington, Champaign, Springfield, Decatur and Peoria markets while serving in Leadership Roles for both Hundman Lumber and Alexander Lumber.  Bruce is a Business Administration graduate of Illinois State University and is a licensed Illinois Real Estate Broker.

What’s one thing few people know about you?


I am an FFA licensed drone pilot. I enrolled in the University of Illinois Institute of Aviation.  My professional pilot training was cut short when I transferred from the U of I - Institute of Aviation back to Illinois State University. Now 40 years later I’m flying again.

What’s most rewarding about your job?


It’s rewarding to be a part of Core 3’s growth.   I enjoy seeing my clients, commercial property owners, have success in their investment as well as the businesses themselves succeed. Along with that - I really enjoy helping other co-workers develop their careers.

What’s your favorite funny story about yourself?


I had an imaginary dog for three years.  My wife Karen and I are empty nesters.  I wanted a German shepherd puppy and she wanted nothing to do with it.  So for 3 years - I pretended to feed my dog food scraps while eating dinner, I opened the back porch door in the mornings to let my pretend dog out, while she was on vacation I sent her a picture of a puppy I got, I got into her phone and liked all of German shepherd puppy sites and more! She continously said, nope, not going to happen, you better not have a puppy when I get back or we’ll return it.  After three years of pretending I finally got a puppy  and now Caesar is 3 years old and a daddy’s boy. 

What do you love about Bloomington/Normal?


Having raised 3 kids here, it’s a perfect place to raise a family.  I call it the Goldy Locks Zone.  Not too small, not too big, but just right.   




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